General information for applying for a licence

In order to apply you need to fill out the online form.

In order to get a licence, you have to provide the federation all the information which are asked. The applicant is responsible for completeness and correctness of the data given. When not adhering to this instruction, a player can be sanctioned.

A licence can be ordered anytime.

Orders of licences get proceeded once the payment is done. It is in the responsibility of the applicant to order the licence in time for a tournament. Please calculate between issuing of the licence and the effect delivery 3 days (which happen once the payment is done).

The licence is valid from the point of the creation date until the end of the licence period (31st december). Bevor the licence ends, the federation will contact you with information for a renewal. Once this payment is done, the licence will be extended automatically. If no payment is done, the licence gets invalid.

The licence fee will be yearly discussed by the federation and assembly of delegates.

By sending a request of for a licence the applicant confirms, that the federation can use personal information for the ranking.