Author: Caz

Swiss Padel Teams at the World Cup Qualifications

by Anouk Faure, Swiss Padel National Player This past weekend our national padel teams went to the Netherlands, to fight for a spot at the 2018 World Cup!!! The qualification round was held at the Tennis and Padel Center of

HEAD: “We are curious how Padel will develop in Switerzland.”

Ciao Pascal, HEAD is “Official Partner” of Swiss Padel. How does HEAD support the Swiss Padel Association? Pascal Bl√∂chlinger, Manager Racquetsport HEAD Switzerland: “As a full-range supplier in the padel sector, we support Swiss Padel with all products such as

Our new president Claudia: “Padel will have a breakthrough”

Dear Claudia, congratulations on the election as President of Swiss Padel, the Swiss Padel Association. What motivates you to volunteer for this sport? Thank you. When I discovered Padel 2.5 years ago, I just wanted to play Padel regularly. That