Swiss Padel Clubs – Villars Sports Centre, VD

Swiss Padel Clubs – Villars Sports Centre, VD

Short profile

  • Padel courts: 1
  • Padel members: 0 yet, the court is brandnew
  • Responsible for Padel: Andy Moore, (sic!)
  • Website:
  • Public transport: Bus from Aigle to Villars directly or train from Bex up to Gryon and then to Villars
  • Privat transport: Plenty of free parking
  • Catering: Bar and buvette selling drinks and snacks
  • WiFi: Yes

Portrait of the Villars Sports Centre

“We are the newest member of Swiss Padel and joined the federation in May of this year. At the same time we built and opened our very first Padel court. It’s a tempory trial court. We wanted to bring a new sport and facility to Villars.

Now we are at the start of our padel adventure. Our tennis club members and visitors are trying it out, and getting used to the new sport. Also many summer tourists are trying and loving the game. We don’t have registered Padel players yet. The Padel court is a facility in our sports centre, so it is not necessary to be a member to play.

During the summer season we have a Free Access Card, and Padel has been added to the many summer sports and activities in Villars. Many people, like for example the group of summer camp kids who are having a go, are getting used to the way to play the game. We think Padel is a great game. We are sure it will continue to grow as the years pass, as it has in many other countries.

We joined Swiss Padel to try to bring publicity to our new court, so other Padel players know about us. We also want to organzie some tournaments to attract Padel players from around the country.

Our very first tournament will take place on August 12 and 13., the Swiss Alpine Padel Open. You can find all the information on our website. We hope many players from all over Switzerland will join us, have fun on the court and enjoy the spectacular view on the beautiful Swiss alps.”

Swiss Padel Clubs

In a short series of articles we present all members of Swiss Padel, the Swiss Padel association. These great clubs and centers all over Switzerland help to publicise and promote the marvellous game we love.

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