HEAD: “We are curious how Padel will develop in Switerzland.”

Ciao Pascal, HEAD is “Official Partner” of Swiss Padel. How does HEAD support the Swiss Padel Association?
Pascal Blöchlinger, Manager Racquetsport HEAD Switzerland: “As a full-range supplier in the padel sector, we support Swiss Padel with all products such as rackets, balls, shoes, clothing and accessories. The ladies and gentlemen national team also uses our products which makes us very happy.

What significance does the relatively new sport padel have for HEAD, especially in comparison to the well-known tennis?
Five years ago, we dealt specifically with the topic in Switzerland. At the moment the padel area is still small and we are curious how the sport will develop. Internationally, especially in Spain and Latin America, sport has long played an important role for us and our brand.

You mentioned the material for the national teams of ladies and gentlemen. Does HEAD also sponsor national teams from other countries?
HEAD is involved in various international tournaments, but not officially in other teams.

We have been working with Swiss Padel since 2016, what experiences have you had with it and what do you wish for the future?
From the very beginning we have met many motivated and enthusiastic people who want to promote padel sports in Switzerland. We are proud of our cooperation with Swiss Padel and hope that the sport will establish itself in the future and continue to develop positively.