About us

We Padel.

Swiss Padel is the umbrella organisation for all associations and clubs dealing with padel in Switzerland.

We want to promote and promote Padel in Switzerland, so that as many people as possible can play this great sport actively as a leisure or competitive sport.

Swiss Padel is a member of the International Padel Federation (IFP) and thus official representative of the Padel sport in Switzerland.

We coordinate the interests of our members, licensed players and national teams throughout Switzerland. We represent their concerns in public, at the authorities and in national and international organisations.

All our work is voluntary. If you would like to support Swiss Padel and the young Padel movement in Switzerland with a donation, we would be very grateful; our account details below. Thank you very much!

  • Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8001 Zürich, IBAN CH71 0070 0110 0058 9741 8, Schweizer Padel Verband, Clearing 700