SUIPA – the Swiss Padel Association

We Padel.

We are the umbrella organisation of this booming sport in Switzerland.

Our members are progressive tennis and padel clubs with the most beautiful padel courts in the country. Together with them we organize the Swiss Padel Tour every season.

With us you can obtain the Swiss player license and appear in the official Swiss ranking list, the SUIPA Ranking.

The women’s and men’s national teams are just as much at home with us as the Swiss Championship and the SUIPA Master.

COVID UPDATE: Feb. 18th 2022

YES!!! The Swiss government has lifted the measures set last December and padel may be played without sanitary pass (and without mask), indoor and outdoor!

Nevertheless basic sanitary personal measures should still be observed and a person with symptoms should avoid coming to the club! And of course cantons and sport sites are free to keep locally stricter measures, such as asking certificates and requiring masks.

SUIPA hopes this really puts an end to the weird months we’ve been through and wishes all players a healthy padel season! 

SUIPA Instructors

Since May 2019 SUIPA educate instructors. We focus on quality and sustainability. Our goal is to have well-trained instructors all over Switzerland who can introduce the students cleanly to the sport of Padel and can also coach players with a high level. The initiative of 2019 started with the course bronze.


The SUIPA Tour includes all tournaments where you can collect points for the SUIPA Ranking. The tournaments take place on the most beautiful padel courses in Switzerland.

SUIPA Ranking

Mirror on the wall, who are the strongest in the country? Here you can find them, in the official SUIPA Ranking. To keep it fair, we have three different categories, divided by skill level.

SUIPA Licence

Become part of the Padel movement in Switzerland! With the SUIPA licence you will be given priority at the tournaments of the SUIPAl Tour and collect points for the official ranking.