Swiss Padel Championship

We are pleased to announce that the championship will be held in Tennis Club Aigle.   Ladies Swiss Champion   Men Swiss Champion (Cat 1) Climber of the year (Cat 2) Rookie of the year (Cat 3)   The registration

Swiss Padel Teams at the World Cup Qualifications

by Anouk Faure, Swiss Padel National Player This past weekend our national padel teams went to the Netherlands, to fight for a spot at the 2018 World Cup!!! The qualification round was held at the Tennis and Padel Center of

HEAD: “We are curious how Padel will develop in Switerzland.”

Ciao Pascal, HEAD is “Official Partner” of Swiss Padel. How does HEAD support the Swiss Padel Association? Pascal Blöchlinger, Manager Racquetsport HEAD Switzerland: “As a full-range supplier in the padel sector, we support Swiss Padel with all products such as

Public statement of the new founded European Padel Association

Representatives from thirteen European Padel Federations met recently to further advance their cooperation and harmonize policies towards further advancing the sport of padel into the future. Representatives of the federations, Lisbon, 10-06-18. In successive meetings in Lisbon and Madrid, during

Swiss Padel Tour 2018

The Swiss Padel Tour is a circuit of tournaments grouped by categories : Open 1, 2, 3 and Mixed A, B. This ensures that everyone plays competitive matches against teams with a similar level. The events are organized by our

Habemus new Swiss Padel Champions!

The new Swiss Padel Champions 2017 are Federico Conde and Yohann Potron from the Country Club Genève. Swiss Padel congratulates the two for their great achivement! Very well played, guys!! Federico aka Pipo and Yohann won the spectacular final of

Portrait des Captains der Schweizer Padel-Nati der Frauen: Michelle Syfrig

“Ich freue mich auf alles was noch kommen wird in den nächsten Jahren!” STECKBRIEF: Name: Michelle Syfrig, Jahrgang: 1983, Nati: Seit 2010, rund 30 Länderspiele, Lieblingsessen: Vietnamesische Nudelsuppe, Sportliches Vorbild: Nadal “Auf Padel bin ich 2010 per Zufall gestossen. Auf

Swiss Padel Interclub 2017

Results Big Bang TPUE – TPUE Alphatschädderis 3-0 Puente Fuerte – TPUE Alphatschädderis 2-1 TPUE Alphatschädderis – Toros Brugg 3-0 Puente Fuerte – Toros Brugg 3-0 Big Bang TPUE – TPUE Alphatschädderis 3-0 1. Big Bang TPUE 3-0 2. Puente

Interview mit Andreas Näf, Captain der Schweizer Padel-Nationalmannschaft

“Ich sehe eine grosse Entwicklung und viel Potenzial.” STECKBRIEF: Name: Andreas Näf, Jahrgang: 1992, Nati: Seit 2015, rund 10 Länderspiele, Lieblingsessen: Spätzli mit einem panierten Plätzli, Padel Vorbild: Paquito Navarro, weitere Vorbilder: Roger Federer und meine Brüder Seit wann spielst

Our new president Claudia: “Padel will have a breakthrough”

Dear Claudia, congratulations on the election as President of Swiss Padel, the Swiss Padel Association. What motivates you to volunteer for this sport? Thank you. When I discovered Padel 2.5 years ago, I just wanted to play Padel regularly. That