Swiss Padel Clubs – Tennisclub Brugg, AG

Short profile

  • Padel courts: 1
  • Padel members: 24
  • Responsible for Padel: Jorge Dejoz,
  • Website:
  • Public transport: Very frequent train to Brugg AG; every 15 min bus from railway station to “Brugg AG, Au”, then 5 min walk
  • Privat transport: Free parking space (>40 cars)
  • Catering: Restaurant served twice a week and a 24h beverage vending machine
  • WiFi: No


“We build our Padel court in 2013. Back then it was the first court in north-western Switzerland. We wanted to complement the huge offer the TC Brugg already had to offer in Tennis.

At first some steps were needed to encourage people to try out Padel, especially the Tennis players. Step-by-step the willingness has been increasing ever since. Our wide program today offers different levels of skill for all players.

This year we re-joined the Swiss Padel association and are looking forward to continuing our tradition of organizing official Swiss Padel tournaments. We are now in a position, which gives us the opportunity to support the association with experienced players as well as to offer the benefits of joining Swiss Padel to our members. It’s a win-win situation.

In Brugg we count around 24 Padel-only memberships. In combination with Tennis around 50 people play regularly Padel. We encourage people with a reduced first year entrance fee to become member.

We believe that Padel in Switzerland has to build up a bridge between very experienced players, which are regularly coming from latin countries, and newbies. We hope that Padel can also reach people, especially women, which do not feel comfortable with Tennis but still want to do some fun outdoor group sport.

Padel has a great potential in our country and we are looking forward to realize it in the upcoming years together with Swiss Padel and the other clubs and centers.

We invite all Padel players to visit our beautiful club in Brugg and have some fun on the court. An excellent opportunity is our next official SWISS PADEL OPEN- Tournament, which will be played at 3 different playing levels. It takes place on July 1st & 2nd 2017. You can find all information on our website. Hope to see you soon in Brugg!”

 Swiss Padel Clubs

In a short series of articles we present all members of Swiss Padel, the Swiss Padel association. These great clubs and centers all over Switzerland help to publicise and promote the marvellous game we love.

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