Development in general

Padel was invented back in 1965 in Acapulco, Mexico, when Don Enrique Corcuera decided to use a spot on his residence as a place to play Tennis. As his place was not big enough and surrounded by walls, the court ended up smaller than a normal tennis court. Furthermore it was enclosed by a combination of cement and net out of metal. The result was the benefit that the ball was in motion all the time and the ball stayed in the field.


Alfonso de Hohenlohe traveled to Mexico invited by his friend Enrique Corcuera. During his stay he was interested in trying out this new sport which was played with wooden pallets and was called paddle tennis.

His enthusiasm for this new sport was immediate. When Alfonso Hohenlole returned to Spain, he perfected some details of the track and rules and built the first two courts of Spain at the Marbella Club. Thus he began to promote the Paddle among his friends of „jet-set“. So although it was invented in Mexico, the real introduction took place in Spain back in1968 at Hotel Puerto Romano de Puerto Banas in Marbella by Alfonso de Hohenloh.


Development in Switzerland

Back in 2006 the Swiss padel federation was founded and is a official member of de „Federación International de Padel“ since 2007. First experiences with Padel took place from 2007 – 2009 at Schaffhausen. In 2010 the pilot project started at TC Unterengstringen in Zurich. this project took two years and had the focus of introducing padel successfully in a tennis club and also show the additional value for a club. In the future regional padel federations will be introduced, who will promote padel in their regions.


Development in Spain

Spain was in the 90ties the country with the most growth. Thanks to Sr. José Maria Aznar, former prime minister, who was an active player himself during his premiership and a great sponsor of Padel as well as leading Spanish companies who invested a lot of money in events and professional players. During that period many Argentinian players moved to Spain to find their luck in Spain. Driven by the many tournaments in Spain, the prices to win and the opportunity of working as trainers in the best clubs such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Malaga. The biggest padel-club in Spain is Club „Estudiante“ in Madrid who own 28 courts (including 10 indoor courts). In Spain are currently 3 million active players.


National Sport in Spain

Padel belongs to the top sports in Spain. Therefore even the most famous sport newspaper „MARCA“ (www.marca.es) in Spain writes about Padel.