Mirror, mirror on the wall – Swiss Championship 2016 (EN)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best Padler of all? This question was answered on September 11 in Frenkendorf, Basel. On this sunny Sunday the young sport was looking for its Swiss Champion 2016, for both men and women.


The curiosity, who would drink out of this cup at the end of the day, was great among all viewers.


In perfect conditions and in front of numerous spectators eight men and two women’s teams played for the title. The championship was organized and conducted by the Swiss Padel Association. Thanks to an ingenious tableau all players came to indulge in their favorite sport and play a lot of Padel.

As usual in this sociable sport, the game in Frenkendorf was also played two against two. F.l.t.r.: Jose Blanquez, Gergely Wacha, Javier Puertas, Reto Scartazzini with Dog Schoggi (not onside).


One could see that they had great pleasure looking in theire slightly tired but happy faces at the end of the day. “ It was really a great day,“ says Reto Scartazzini, who played together with Javier Puertas. „In the consolation semifinal we had an incredible, almost epic game, which lasted more than two hours! There were very long, spectacular rallies. At the end I was pretty exhausted , but it was enormous fun! 


At the beginning thy all looked fresh and cheerful. In the end, only cheerful. 😛 F.l.t.r. Reto Scartazzini, Javier Puertas, Till Gygax, Philipp Gehrig.


In the women category, Michelle Giang and Stephanie Theiler won the final against Claudia Bräm and Anabel Jimenez and got themselves the title.

Der Final der Frauen (v.l.n.r.): Claudia Bräm, Anabel Jimenez, Stephanie Theiler und Michelle Giang.

The women’s final (f.l.t.r.): Claudia Bräm, Anabel Jimenez, Stephanie Theiler and Michelle Giang.


The men’s Swiss Champions 2016 are Ibrahim Fetov and Ignasi Villacampa. They won the hard fought, phenomenal final against Jorge de la Riva and David Perez with 6:3 and 7:6.

F.l.t.r.: Pipo Conde and Kilian Jordan with the later winners and Swiss Champions 2016 Ibrahim Fetov and Ignasi Villacampa.