Dear Claudia, congratulations on the election as President of Swiss Padel, the Swiss Padel Association. What motivates you to volunteer for this sport? Thank you. When I discovered Padel 2.5 years ago, I just wanted to play Padel regularly. That I ended up joining Swiss Padel is thanks to the […]

Interview with our new president Claudia: „Padel will have a ...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best Padler of all? This question was answered on September 11 in Frenkendorf, Basel. On this sunny Sunday the young sport was looking for its Swiss Champion 2016, for both men and women.   In perfect conditions and in front of numerous […]

Mirror, mirror on the wall – Swiss Championship 2016 (EN)

Cette année on organise le Championnat Suisse 500 2016, qui aura lieu dimanche 11 à Frenkendorf. Chaque paire jouera au moins 2 matchs! Cette année, il y aura un buffet samedi (poulet, salade, dessert, etc.) à 15CHF par personne. S’il vous plaît indiquez sur le formulaire si vous le souhaitez […]

Championnat Suisse 2016 – annoncement et inscription